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Bankruptcy services offered by your local Bankruptcy Attorney are:


Mr. Raxter of Menifee Lawyer, your local bankruptcy lawyer can stop the foreclosure process in its tracks by filing a bankruptcy petition on your behalf. Giving you and your family time to decide what option is best for your family.

Stop garnishments:

RAXTER LAW can stop garnishments and may be able to get monies that have already been taken through the filing of a bankruptcy petition. In some instances, garnished wages that have been taken in the prior 90 days before the filing of the bankruptcy can be recovered.

Stop creditor harassment:

Are you tired of screening your calls? Telephone calls and letters (basically all communication from your creditors) must stop after the filing of a bankruptcy petition.

Protect your private property:

In the most cases your private property (as well as real property) can be protected or exempt from the bankruptcy.  This is the perfect reason you need a attorney on your side. The creditors have attorney, why shouldn’t you? If you are considering bankruptcy, it is important to contact my office, so we can begin “Pre-bankruptcy planning” which is essential to the protection of your property.

Stop lawsuits:

Once your bankruptcy petition is filed and the automatic stay goes into places all court proceedings must stop. However, in most cases the lawsuit (or even judgment) will be discharged upon the completion of the bankruptcy.

Prevent repossessions:

Once your bankruptcy is filed, no repossessions can be made. This gives your family time to figure out the best course of action. In most cases my office can arrange for a voluntarily surrender a vehicle, boat, RV, motorcycle, or other piece of property and discharge that debt through the filing of your bankruptcy petition.

Protect your retirement:

There are certain bankruptcy laws that protect certain assets such as your retirement accounts, IRAs, savings accounts for your children, your vehicles, and more.


Most importantly - Give you peace of mind:

Having a zealous and dedicated advocate on your side gives you peace of mind that everything will get better. You can start fresh by finally being out from underneath your debt.

Services offered