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Menifee Bankruptcy Lawyer is your local bankruptcy law office

Menifee bankruptcy Lawyer is also known as Raxter Law. Raxter Law is a law office conveniently located in Menifee, California. We serve clients in Menifee, Canyon Lake, Perris, Murrieta, Temecula, Hemet, and even as far as Chino Hills. Our focus is the Central District of California. By having a focus - we can learn each of the trustees idiosyncrasies which allows the bankruptcy process to be smoother for both you and us.


Our goal is to provide you dedicated bankruptcy representation at a fair and affordable price. At Raxter Law, you will speak with the attorney who will represent you the your 341 hearing. We represent both consumers and businesses. Most importantly we strive to give you peace of mind.

Having a zealous and dedicated advocate on your side gives you peace of mind that everything will get better. You can start fresh by finally being out from underneath your debt.


About us - What and who is Menifee Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Bankruptcy can:

Prevent repossessions

Protect your retirement

Prevent foreclosures

Stop garnishments

Stop harrassment

Protect your personal property

Bankruptcy Myths:

1. You can’t retain a car after bankruptcy.

- False

2. You will lose your retirement.

- False

3. You have to be out of work to file for bankruptcy.

- False

4. The trustee will take all your stuff.

- False

5. You have to cash out your retirement to pay your creditors before Ifiling bankruptcy.

- False